Creating value: Agile and minimalism with the use of a reusable notebook

how the modubooq™ idea started – blog series

Welcome to this blog series!

I am Marije, product designer at PATboard & modubooq. This is the first blog where I will explain how the modubooq™ idea started. As a team, we believe in working with physical agile tools for the optimal team collaboration. But along the way I got personally inspired by a second way of thinking: minimalism. In this blog I will explain how both Agile and minimalism were the inspiration for our reusable notebook called modubooq™.

What is Agile?

Let’s first explain the basics of agile. The Agile methodology is a flexible way of managing projects with self-organizing teams. The most popular Agile method is Scrum. We created the full tool set specifically for this method. 

Agile originated within IT where teams work on, for example, a website or application. The idea with this type of project management is to test and adapt a product as early as possible during development instead of working out every detail of the project in the beginning. The key is to involve stakeholders during the development instead of just in the beginning and end. It may not seem evident, but the use of a reusable notebook can really benefit agile working. 

Agile for modubooq™ our high quality reusable notebook

We know how important it is to add value for the customer. This requires the following:

  • Listening and adapting to what is needed at any moment
  • A transparent, appealing system that is easy to work with

Everyone has a clear overview of the process and deliverables once these objectives are fulfilled. Only then can a team perform at its best.

We believe this doesn’t only apply to teams, but also to individuals. Making your personal planning, goals and thoughts visible with a reusable notebook allows you to be productive and feel in control. And that is our vision for the notebook smart that we named modubooq™. A flexible system that allows you to structure and visualize what adds value to you.

The link to minimalism: keep only the things that matter

It was easy to translate the agile methodology into our products. However, Agile was not the only inspiration. Modubooq™ also fits into the minimalist lifestyle. Both Agile and minimalism share the big idea: create value for what matters most.

Minimalism is a new movement in a world that approaches ‘rich living’ in a different way than before. It focuses on optimizing value in the personal life of individuals. With this way of thinking, the amount of (expensive) stuff you own is no longer seen as a sign of prosperity or value. It’s about keeping only the things that add meaning and joy to your life.

Buying more and more stuff that you do not use, or only use for a short time, is bad for the environment. Therefore, minimalism emphasizes sustainability. It inspires people to buy long lasting high quality items, such as a reusable notebook, rather than disposable ones.

How it comes together in modubooq™, our reusable notebook

On the Agile side, the goal is to create an erasable and rewritable notebook that assists you in keeping track of your life. The fact that you can constantly exchange and change the pages ensures that the notebook never gets old and can always be adapted to what you need at that moment. On the minimalist side, we align with the sustainable argument and with decluttering, leaving you with the things that are of value to you. The pages of the modular notebook can be reused many times so it lasts way longer than a traditional paper notebook. Adding and removing pages within your notebook is comparable to tidying up your living space with only the things that matter.

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