Discbound sizing and page capacity guide

Modubooq™ is modular. And that is very convenient if you want to make your notebook your own. The possibilities are endless. But when you want to combine different components into a modubooq™ that has a specific amount of pages, you might encounter some questions about sizing and capacity of different discbound sizes. With this guide we want to help you with that so you can choose the right components for your modubooq™.

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Pages and sheets

Before we dive into the details we want to define the difference between a ‘page’ and a ‘sheet’. There seems to be no universal definitions to these words when it comes to describing physical notebooks, but they are important to us to accurately explain specifications. So we defined these words ourselves:

  • Sheet
    The (re)writable surface itself, having 2 sides.
  • Page
    A single side of a ‘sheet’. So 1 side.
  • So:
    2 pages = 1 sheet

Duratech3™ and regular copy paper

Modubooq has a very unique rewritable surface that we named ‘duratech3™’. Below you can see how duratech3™ sheets compare to copy paper:

  • 3 duratech3™ sheets ≅ 10 copy paper sheets.

The modubooq customization options to choose from

Discbound sizes

Left: 8 discbounds 18mm → This size is used with the modubooq organizer
Middle: 8 discbounds 24mm
Right: 8 discbounds 28mm

Front and back covers

Left: Modular discbound cover – A5
Right: Black vegan leather discbound cover – A5


Left: 6 colorful tab discbound dividers – A5
Right: 6 blanco tab discbound dividers – A5

Sheet capacities for discbound sizes and customization

The “modubooq organizer A5” consists of 40 duratech3 pages with 4 extra year overviews. Most people will need 2 years at the time at most. So therefore:

The modubooq organizer has a capacity of 44 pages.

Below is the overview of what size you need if you want to customize the amount of pages or the front and back cover. These numbers are recommendations. So you might be able to squeeze in a few more if you really want to.

Capacity Table

Page type + customization

Amount of pages for each discbound size




Regular paper pages




Duratech3 pages




Duratech3 pages + Modular discbound cover




modular reusable smart notebook organizer A5 =

Duratech3 pages + Modular discbound cover + 6 colorful tab discbound dividers




Duratech3 pages + Black vegan leather discbound cover




Duratech3 pages + Black vegan leather discbound cover + 6 colorful tab discbound dividers




*This is the exact amount of Duratech3 pages that go in the “modular reusable smart notebook organizer A5”.

I hope this guide has helped you with assembling the most perfect notebook for your needs!

If you have any remaining questions about how to customize your notebook, feel free to contact us.

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