Why we developed a revolutionary new reusable page: duratech3

There are many different brands on the market with all kinds of reusable notebooks. One of the most popular is Rocketbook, but there are many more. Every notebook has a different marker and its own type of reusable pages.
In this blog, I want to tell you more about modubooq’s duratech3 pages and marker and how this compares to the other options out there. Because our duratech3 pages are unique and have unique properties compared to other reusable notebooks.

Types of reusable paper

Each kind of reusable paper from any reusable notebook, requires a specific pen or marker. Due to the ink compositions, it is impossible to have a material that works for every single pen or marker out there. Hence, every pen is exclusive to the material.

So what did we do? We developed a new kind of reusable page and named it duratech3 that contains unique properties that no other reusable notebook has. Other brands than modubooq that are selling reusable notebooks on the market chose a material that works with one of these two types of writing tools:

Type 1: Frixion pens

Frixion pens only work on ‘synthetic paper’, like the paper Rocketbook uses and on ‘normal’ paper. Yes, you can also use this pen on regular paper. While the material is not revolutionary, it is the pen that is unique.

Type 2: Correctable marker by Staedtler

This marker is almost like a whiteboard marker, only the ink fully dries so it doesn’t get smudged between pages. However, the marker only works on paper with a whiteboard laminate or coating.

Our modubooq non-permanent marker by Staedtler

With water-based ink that is non-permanent, our marker dries very quickly and doesn’t smudge. What is worth mentioning is that we developed this marker in cooperation with Staedtler.

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Why we chose to be different with our reusable pages

Our goal

Moving forward, our goal was to achieve the following technical innovations over other reusable notebooks:

  • The most paper-like writing experience possible on rewritable paper.
  • Have the most durable material on the market yet to be found, with no residue or pressure marks left after writing.
  • The fastest drying ink.
  • To have 100% waterproof pages.

To be fair, we think we achieved these goals. Well, we didn’t test the infinity part, but we know this material will not let you down in durability. Besides, we wanted the material to be recyclable. You know, for when everyone just writes in the air with futuristic technology ;).

The material came before the marker

Goals we had were mostly focused on the reusable pages. And the ones already out there did not have the durability we were looking for or that paper-like feel. The modubooq non-permanent marker just turned out to be the best fit when we found the material we were looking for. To add, it erases very well and the ink dries fast, so you don’t smudge the page while writing.

There is one trade-off we couldn’t escape

But it can’t all be sunshine. Thus, we did have to make one trade-off that we noticed compared to other notebooks: you need more water to erase all the ink. With that said, our markers work a bit like a watercolor pencil. It spreads all the ink immediately when it gets in contact with water. That also makes it harder to make a very small typo correction. And it takes on average more time to clear all the ink from a page than with the other types of markers. On the other hand; Because you can take the pages out separately, you can easily clean them with water under a running tap. As the pages are 100% waterproof, they will not be affected.

What is duratech3 material?

Duratech3 is made of a BPA poly-free plastic that has been treated in a special way. It’s made of one core material, so it is 100% recyclable. Whiteboard laminated paper for example, is less suitable for recycling because it consists of multiple different materials.

Moreover, duratech3 is a very durable material that doesn’t tear or wrinkle easily. This is also because of the slightly thicker pages. They feel very robust when you hold them.

Conclusion: how do our reusable pages and markers compare to the other types?

Below we have included a table wherein you can view the differences between our duratech3 pages, markers and the other types of other brands:


Type of paper


Whiteboard laminated paper

Synthetic paper

Type of writing material

Modubooq non-permanent marker by Staedtler

Correctable marker by Staedtler 

Frixion pen

Most popular brand


Bambook, Whynote 

Rocketbook, Homestec

Paper-like feel

Close to paper because of the matte soft grain surface.

Like writing on a whiteboard with a pen.

Too smooth

Pressure marks in material after writing. (This determines the durability the most) 

Nothing visible after cleaning

Visible marks after cleaning

Visible marks after cleaning

Speed of the ink drying

2 seconds

2 seconds

6 seconds

Waterproof pages




Recyclability of material




Removing the ink from a page




Making small corrections




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