Always make sure that when you are not using the marker you put the cap back on. Is the marker still dried out? Then dip the tip of the marker into a glass of water for 2 x 10 seconds and then dab the marker dry with kitchen/toilet paper.

Below is the overview of what size you need if you want to customize the amount of pages or the front and back cover. These numbers are recommendations. So you might be able to squeeze in a few more if you really want to.

Capacity Table

Page type + customization

Amount of pages for each discbound size




Regular paper pages




Duratech3 pages




Duratech3 pages + Modular discbound cover




modular reusable smart notebook organizer A5 =

Duratech3 pages + Modular discbound cover + 6 colorful tab discbound dividers




Duratech3 pages + Black vegan leather discbound cover




Duratech3 pages + Black vegan leather discbound cover + 6 colorful tab discbound dividers




*This is the exact amount of Duratech3 pages that go in the “modular reusable smart notebook organizer A5”.

No, you can only use the modubooq non-permanent marker from Staedtler. Ink from other writing utensils won’t work well or can’t be fully erased.

If you just want to erase one page, or a part of the page, you can do this best with the cloth and spray bottle. If you have many pages to erase at once, it works best to hold the pages under a running water tab. You can easily take them out and hold them under a running tap individually.

It is possible that you can still see your writing a little bit when it has been on a page for a long time. Add a little bit of soap to the water if you are cleaning the pages. Any soap is fine to use, even hand soap. If this doesn’t do the trick, please contact us.

If you erase many pages with the cloth, the cloth has absorbed too much ink and needs to be washed or rinsed out. Try to use a running tab to clean the bulk of your pages. The cloth is only meant to clean a small amount of ink (one or two pages at a time).

We recommend:

  • Genius Scan
  • Adobe Scan
  • Camscanner

Shipping, payment and order related questions

Depending on which country you are in, there are different shipping times. You received an e-mail with a link to track&trace your package. Please have a look at his page to see where your package is.

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We are based in The Netherlands, Europe. If your company is from outside the Netherlands, you DON’T have to pay VAT in the following cases:

  • If you provide a valid EU VAT number on checkout
  • If you order from outside Europe

Yes, you can. But only as a company and after contacting us! Send us your purchase order and we will let you know if you can pay by invoice. Also let us know if we need to put your purchase order number on the invoice. After that you can order your products in our shop, and choose ‘Pay on account’ on checkout.

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We have several secure payment options to pay your order. In the checkout screen you can see your payments options. The available payment options are based on the selected country and the device you use. Below the list of all payment options:

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