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Modular discbound system

Modubooq is modular thanks to the binding discs making up the discbound system. The binding discs allow you to customize your own modubooq discbound notebook. Organize your modubooq how you like with interchangeable binding discs. The discs can be popped in and out of the notebook as you desire. These discbounds give you the flexibility of adding and removing pages to and from the system as needed.

Truly flexibility with binding discs

The binding discs provide a truly flexible system. You can easily remove and rearrange the pages in the disc-bound system to your heart's desire. Because there are no rings to open or close, you can just remove a page out of the system and place it back in just as easily.

Binding discs are easy to handle

The binding discs do not get in the way of your work and when you are finished you can fold them easily. If you are not writing extremely near to the margins, then there will be no discomfort. If otherwise, that's as simple as it gets. Even this has a simple solution. You can simply take out the page from the system, write anything you need to write on it, and then put it back into its place.

Your last discbound notebook

Modubooq™ reflects a sustainable solution because we create products that you can use for many purposes and that will last forever. With pride we can say we have created an erasable and rewritable notebook that helps you in keeping track of your life. Making your planning, goals and thoughts visible with a reusable notebook allows you to be productive and feel in control. And that is our vision for modubooq™. We want to inspire you to write down what matters in life!