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The reusable notebook

You can use the notebooks from modubooq™ over and over again because they are reusable. Modubooq™ notebooks allow you to enjoy a true pen and paper experience that can last forever! Duratech3™ pages consist of a BPA poly-free plastic. It’s made of one core material, so it is 100% recyclable. This makes our notebook a sustainable choice. Save a lot of paper by opting for reusable notebooks from modubooq™!

Enjoy buying our innovative and reusable notebooks in different colors and models. When you are looking for a notebook that you can use for all purposes, then the Modubooq™ organizer is the perfect choice to use. Whether it is as a planner, for note-taking, agenda or sketching, you can never go wrong with modubooq™. All reusable notebooks of modubooq™ consist of notes, to-do lists, lines, dots, and weekly and monthly pages!

If you want to explore your creative side, the modubooq™ bullet notebook is ideal for you. It consists of only dotted pages, ideal for bullet journaling & sketch ideas. Our modubooq™ notes notebook is perfect for writing down notes because the notebook contains only lined pages. Writing down notes in your own words helps you remember things better.

The most paper-like writing experience on rewritable pages

Modubooq™ notebooks are reusable notebooks of the greatest quality. The notebook consists of reusable duratech3™ pages that look, write and feel like premium paper. Besides the fact that our modubooq™ notebooks are erasable and rewritable, they also assist you in keeping track of your life.

Organize your modubooq™ notebook how you like

Modubooq™ is modular, so you can assemble the notebook to your preference. You can add new pages, reorganize and take out unused ones. This makes our modubooq™ a really personal notebook which you can rearrange and reuse as many times as you like.

Easily make your notes digital

Modubooq™ notebooks are smart notebooks. Easily scan your pages with the scan app that suits you the best, and digitize your handwritten notes. In this way, you will never lose anything you wrote down. Transforming handwritten notes to digital note programs works amazingly: scan your pages, save them in the cloud and share them with whoever you want, truly making your modubooq™ notebook reusable and smart.