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A truly sustainable choice

Do you waste hundreds of pages of normal paper each year? Or are you not satisfied with the current quality when you write in your notebook with paper pages?  Or do you want to continue writing on paper, but rather opt for a reusable solution? If that’s the case, using a smart and reusable notebook with reusable paper may be the best choice you can ever make to become more sustainable.

Finished writing down all of your thoughts, comments, and notes? Just erase them and reuse the pages again. If you want to keep your notes, just use a scanner app to upload everything to your drive. The fact that you can constantly reuse the pages will ensure you never run out of pages again.

The pages of this notebook are duratech3™ pages that are reusable. Besides, the quality is excellent and the pages are simple to clean. Duratech3™ is BPA-free, a polymer-free plastic with a single core material that is 100% recyclable. Moreover, duratech3™ is a very durable material that doesn’t tear or wrinkle easily. This is due to the slightly thicker pages as well. When you hold them in your hands, they feel quite solid. On rewritable paper, our duratech3™ pages provide the most paper-like writing experience. 

Water-resistant pages

Duratech3™ pages are water-resistant, so whatever it is you accidentally spill, you can always erase it because it is 100% waterproof. Water resistance gives you the option to easily clean your duratech3™ pages. A unique reusable paper experience. 

Easy to clean reusable pages

It's never been easier to remove text from your pages! In a matter of seconds, you'll be able to erase everything. All you need is some water, and you'll be able to erase and clean whatever you've written.

With our duratech3™ pages, you have two options to erase the ink. The quickest way to wash out your whole page is by holding the pages under the water tap. If you want to erase just one sentence or part of what you wrote down, then simply erase the ink from the duratech3™ pages by using the refillable spray bottle and the cleaning cloth. Removing ink from your reusable paper has never been so easy!

Note-taking by hand

Writing down your notes helps you recall things better as it increases your ability to focus⁠, comprehend⁠ and memorize. It also inspires your creativity, engages your mind and improves your prioritizing skills.

Available in different colors and sizes

The duratech3™ pages are all high-quality, rewritable, and have a paper-like feel. It's ideal for usage in your modubooq™. In fact, they're compatible with any discbound notebook system!

If you only want to use your notebook for note-taking by hand, then the blue-lined reusable discbound pages are the ideal choice because it contains only lined pages, perfect for taking notes. 32 duratech™ pages that write just like paper.  

The green dotted pages are perfect for sketching, drawing new ideas or bullet journaling. It consists of only dotted pages, which enables you to be both creative and productive. If you only desire this type of page, this is a great option. 32 duratech™ papers that write like paper.