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Tab dividers for your modubooq™ notebook

How do you assemble your modubooq™ notebook? Whatever you will choose, with these tab dividers you can never go wrong. Notebooks from modubooq™ are sustainable and modular. You can easily customize your modubooq notebook with the modubooq tab dividers. The tab dividers provide you with the flexibility and variety to assemble your preferred modular notebook. 

Blanco and colorful tab dividers with text 

Simply use our colorful tabs with text or create your unique customizable notebook by opting for the blanco tab dividers. You can write on the white surfaces on the blanco tabs. The tab dividers of modubooq represent truly sustainable items. The blanco tabs are erasable which means you can just clean it with water under the running tap or by spraying water on the surfaces with the spray bottle and using the microfibre cloth. Both the blanco and colorful tabs are reusable, so you can use them for many years!

Create your own modubooq notebook

Name the 6 blank tabs how you want and create your own notebook. Because our notebook tabs are erasable on the white spaces and the backside, you can constantly erase and rename your tabs to your desire. This is why our tabs are reusable and modular.

You can quickly separate your notes into sections with our notebook tabs, giving you a greater overview. Our notebook tabs help you arrange your modubooq™ so you can find what you need quickly.

Your last notebook

Modubooq™ reflects a sustainable solution because we create products that you can use for many purposes and that will last forever. With pride we can say we have created an erasable and rewritable notebook that helps you in keeping track of your life. Making your planning, goals and thoughts visible with a reusable notebook allows you to be productive and feel in control. And that is our vision for modubooq™. We want to inspire you to write down what matters in life!